Monday, May 14, 2012

Life is heading in a new direction

This has been a life changing few months for me so I have not been here to update my blog. My hubby was called back to work after eight months off and could be laid off at any time again. So the idea of moving is long gone and this blog was so focused on the moving to a farm I was afraid to change it up.

I also started dance lessons and spend a good ten hours or more each week at the studio and I have lost a ton of inches and built some impressive girl muscles. This is something I love and I am passionate about so it is also another reason I have chosen to spend money here rather than on a farm.

I didn't join a CSA either because we are trying to keep the food budget down. We eat a lot of egg based meals because we have the six chickens. I have been eating up all my Herbalife stock and we are not struggling but we don't want to have to struggle if Ryan gets laid off again.

The New Plan

So all in all I have felt like I continuing this blog would be a bad idea. Then I got to thinking if my readers still want to hear how I am making little changes to live a more natural and organic life maybe I could still write articles. I can't have farm animals other than chickens on my city lot but I can talk about the chickens and the things I make with eggs. I can tell you about the products I buy to help support a more natural way of living.

When I have the extra money I will join a CSA again and I will bring you news from the farm. Next year I also see me having a good sized garden as well and I am also hoping to grow some herbs indoors and in pots on the porch. I got to late of a start this year and I don't think I will get too much in the way of veggies.

I think we will start making plans for next years garden this year that way we will be prepared and things will run a little more smoothly.

I have several natural and organic magazines coming to my home and I will share things I learn from them as well. So if all of that sounds good to my readers and I get some responses I will keep up with that but I will not be moving from my city home for quite some time if ever considering if we stay here we will never have to worry about job losses again because our monthly bills are low here.

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  1. ((hug)) I hope you're taking good care of yourself. This time in the world is a little "take no prisoners". You're on track! :) I'm proud to know you!