Sunday, February 26, 2012

Coupon Mom Whole Living deal

I just love Coupon Mom I got two years of this magazine for $7.98 cents. I use her Facebook page to find great deals on magazines I would love. I got Country Living for the same price and there are new deals each day. You can even get 20% off each day with the code on all magazines.

It looks like if you wait long enough you can get most of the magazines with very great deals so I plan to just buy them as the 3.99 a year deals come up. I will be on the look out for the organic and farming magazines so I can read up and share articles and experiments here.

I am looking at at least two more years before I can get the country home I would like so while I am waiting I will see what I can do with my little piece of property to make it more of an Urban farm. If I do it at my home I won't have to worry about long drives I can work anytime I am free and at home.

While I plan to volunteer at the Schooner Farms again I will need to do it on my own time table. It is a 40-50 minute drive there and quite frankly I hate working in the rain so I plan to head out on nice days. I won't be a volunteer they can count on to be there all the time but I love working there so as long as they will take me as an occasional volunteer I will be there a few times a month. I met a lot of great people out at that farm and I would like to keep in touch and help out!

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