Sunday, February 26, 2012

Coupon Mom Whole Living deal

I just love Coupon Mom I got two years of this magazine for $7.98 cents. I use her Facebook page to find great deals on magazines I would love. I got Country Living for the same price and there are new deals each day. You can even get 20% off each day with the code on all magazines.

It looks like if you wait long enough you can get most of the magazines with very great deals so I plan to just buy them as the 3.99 a year deals come up. I will be on the look out for the organic and farming magazines so I can read up and share articles and experiments here.

I am looking at at least two more years before I can get the country home I would like so while I am waiting I will see what I can do with my little piece of property to make it more of an Urban farm. If I do it at my home I won't have to worry about long drives I can work anytime I am free and at home.

While I plan to volunteer at the Schooner Farms again I will need to do it on my own time table. It is a 40-50 minute drive there and quite frankly I hate working in the rain so I plan to head out on nice days. I won't be a volunteer they can count on to be there all the time but I love working there so as long as they will take me as an occasional volunteer I will be there a few times a month. I met a lot of great people out at that farm and I would like to keep in touch and help out!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It has been a while

Sitting here this morning watching my silly know the one that made a dog person into a cat and dog person..I felt inspired to write on this blog today. I was watching Loki run around unraveling his yarn ball and then picking up a hair tie and batting it everywhere in this little home and I started dreaming of a house in the country again.

I have been busy trying to get three businesses off the ground if I have any hope of getting a home in the country someday I have to make some money now and save so we can buy a country home without a loan because caring for more animals can get expensive. I had lost sight of my dreams though I keep forgetting what I am working towards and get bogged down in the day to day stuff that makes me feel like just giving up sometimes.

I am also working on getting in shape if working on the farm last spring and summer taught me anything it is that you kind of need to be in shape if you want to last more than an hour or two out there. Of course there are many other reasons I want to be in shape such as decreased health risks and higher energy levels.

My hens are still laying about an egg a day and all seems to be well with them. The kids in the area love to feed them and watch them through the fence. Asuka, my dog, and Loki, the stray cat the won us over, are getting along very well. My hubby is on his third week back to work so all is pretty well here.

I would like to get more income from my businesses so I don't have to keep reinvesting much of my profits. I know I can do this I just have to be patient and that really is not my strong area. I would much rather buy that country lot now and start building a house on it and move once it is ready but I really do  need a more steady income first.

I have been evaluating my farming ideas and decided that since we are probably staying in Ohio and I really hate the cold months we are going to have to keep it simple. That means when we get that country lot it doesn't have to be huge just a 2-5 acres and I am leaning to 2-3 and we will keep chickens and maybe add a few other animals but not a full scale mini-farm. There is a lot to take care of and I really hate to do a lot of outdoor stuff in the coldest months so a lot of animals means a lot of outside work.

So the idea is to try really hard to increase my sales especially internet sales and save much of what I earn to go towards our dream house. If you would like to buy something her are the links:

So as part of my plans for a better life I am going to try to post weekly updates here and as it gets nicer I will get out there and get chicken picks to share and some tricks and tips I have learned about the animals we keep. It really helps to remember what I am doing all this for!