Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Work, Dance, Work

I am working so hard to make an extra income at home that I had trouble letting a day and a half go by without getting all the stats for all my new sources of income. I went with my family for an overnight trip, and for the first few or so hours it was hard for me to stop thinking about the cents I could be making if I had my computer and an internet connection on the car ride. I have officially become obsessed with learning to make an income on line.

Today I have spent a large portion of the day trying to catch up on the tasks that I did not do while I was gone. I am going to have to stop my obsession to go to my dance class tonight and then rehearsal for the show I am going to be in this weekend. Then I will have to split my time between sleep/working and dancing. This is my life until after June 2nd.

The good news is that I have learned a lot of things about making money online and I am learning to weed out scams from legit sites. I am quickly raising my level of income from each avenue but there is a long way to go. Going from cents to dollars will take a huge time investment up front but it should pay off and keep growing if I keep up on the most important aspects. I must keep my eye on the big plan and stop focusing on the smaller things.

The big plan is to be able to make money from my blogs but not just with Adsense. While Adsense is useful it is not going to be the main source of my income. The plan is to look for appropriate advertising for each blog in combination with Adsense and write quality content on a regular basis. Some of my blogs are still going to be hobby blogs and they won't need to be monetized, but if there is a way to make a little extra on a hobby I am going to take it. Some blogs will also open the opportunity to write for pay and others will open new doors to make money in other ways as long as I keep my eye on the future. I am starting to feel pretty optimistic about this and even if I end up having to get a desk job later because I couldn't make it work, at least I can say I gave it my best shot.

I am working rather hard Extra Cash From Home right now because it has the most earning potential and I am really enjoying learning how to make money online and share it with others. I would love it if you would visit my site and tell me what you think.

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