Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer is Flying By!

Well my life is crazy again. I have a Premiere Jewelry party next week and I will be talking about my Herbalife products as well. I have so much that needs to be done before people can come over. I also have a garden that is growing like crazy and I work on a farm one day a week. I also have grant research to do for a domestic violence group as well as studying to do. Then there is the trying to get back in shape and go back to church thing. I have to get priorities straight and set a schedule.

Right now the most important things are my Health and my Faith. I found an easy daily devotional to start with, it is quick and I can do it every morning by the date. I can start small and keep a prayer journal as well. Then I am done saying yes to anything that gets in the way of me getting at least 6 days of working out in. Well at least until I hit a healthy BMI. Weight wise that is 132 only ten more pounds to go then I can let up a little if I need to.

Oh I forgot I also have a dog, a husband and six chickens to take care of and lucky for me with my hubby laid off it is not as much work as it was when he was working. My hubby takes pretty good care of the chickens and he can at least feed himself and he walks the dog a ton. That means I only have to feed the dog 2x a day and let the chickens out in the morning. We still have one escape artist chicken and if that keeps up we will be to 5 chickens.

So right now this week I will be spending the next few days working hard to get this house in order and make a bunch of ice cream for the party next week. I can not believe how bad I have let parts of this house get. Not so much dirty but all cluttered up and out of order. I also have to work on my presentation for the Herbalife products and I am also looking at selling Avon since I already know people who would buy from me. I really need to work on a business plan with my hubby off I some one needs to make extra money and if we don't want it to affect my hubby's unemployment it has to be me. He is looking for a job but one that pays more than unemployment.

I am really sorry the updates here have been few and far between but I just have a lot going on. I am going to have to rethink everything I am doing and figure out what needs to go. That includes excess computer time and right now blogging is not a priority. Unless I find a job soon things should slow down a bit the 2nd week of August.


  1. How did the jewellery party go? My girlfriend makes her own jewellery, so we have the occasional party and go to craft fairs. :-)

  2. The jewelry party went great. I got over $350 in free jewelry. I am happy about that plus I got my name out there for the stuff I sell. I thought of some ideas for my own sales that would have been great but there is always a next time.